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Honey Badger Mini Stamp -Nasty!

Honey Badger Mini Stamp -Nasty!

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Need to express some nasty badassery? We got you covered.

We all have times when we need to let our inner honey badger out, and these little gems let you stamp your intent on practically whatever you want.

Be nasty! Be badass! Go ahead - stamp what you want - honey badger don’t care!

Like our favorite compact mammalian wrecking crew, these fun-sized stamps let you make your mark with abandonment. The stamp blocks measure ~.75" (19.1 mm) across (square) with the stamp mark being slightly smaller (varies based on design but we try to have it as big as we can given the limitations of the stamp rubber, for a reliable imprint). There are 2 variations available in design (font) to choose which one(s) best express your beast-mode. Get some today - or don’t. See if we care!

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